An adventure tour in Sidemen, combining cycling and trekking !

A day excursion to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Sidemen while discovering the life in the countryside.

Get an authentic taste of Bali with this combination of trekking and biking tour in the balinese countryside, through the rice fields, plantations and villages with stunning view points.

Cycling Sidemen
Sidemen Landscape

10h00 – Meeting at the departure point of the biking tour


You will start your day with a cycling tour through the balinese countryside. For about 2h30, you discover the typical lush vegetation of Bali, and cross some remote villages.

The local communities are living in a very traditional way and we come closer to meet the inhabitants and their daily life.


This hilly trip will include some stops to visit balinese compounds and discover their particular know-how as the hand-weaving and the process of Arak distillation (the local liquor). It goes up and down, offering enough thrills and adrenaline but the difficulty remains moderate!


We provide the best quality bikes, as well as helmets to ensure your security. A support vehicle will follow us at a distance and we will distribute bottles of mineral water.

12h30 – Picnic Lunch in Nature


At the end of our bike trip, our staff will take the bikes and we will continue by walk. we offer a Balinese picnic in the very heart of nature.


A sweet break to discover the traditional balinese dishes in a very special and charming place.

This 2-courses menu will be cold and served with fruits and a bottle of mineral water.

Bali Countryside River
Distillation Local Liquor
Sidemen Hill Trekking View

13h30 – Walk on the hill of Sukahet Sari


After lunch, we go for a walk for about 2h, up the hill in Sukahet Sari. We explore the hidden Nirvana temple, before heading up to the top. Between jungle and nice view overlooking the valley, we immerge ourself in the authentic countryside.


We will have a break at the top, in a very simple balinese house, where we will invite you to have a drink and local snacks, before going down.

We then come down slowly to Bali Countryside.

15h30 – Free time in Bali Countryside


Enjoy your free time in the property, trying the fish therapy, relaxing in the bamboo gazebo or outdoor terraces overlooking the paddy fields.


Explore the organic garden or refresh yourself in the river and natural swimming pool. Showers are available in the property (Soap and towels not included)

Bamboo Gazebo


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