Experience Bali with kids in Sidemen Valley !

10H00 – Arrival at Bali Countryside


We welcome you in the large property of Bali Countryside before enjoying a short walk in the rice fields. Our guide go with you and you have some free time to enjoy the stunning landscapes, take some pictures and learn more about the Subak system and farmers’ life.

Bali Countryside view from the rice fields
palm leaf decorations
feuilles de palmiers

10h30 –Exchange with the inhabitants about the Balinese culture


After our short walk, we come back to Bali Countryside, where you can experiment some activities with the inhabitants of Sukahet Sari village.

  • You will learn how to prepare the daily offerings and ceremony cakes, while learning about their importance and meaning. A perfect time for getting creative with your kids and let them create their own design!


  • You will also discover how Balinese people are clever with their hands as doing useful and interesting palm-leaf decorations. A good occasion to make your own ephemeral natural art while having fun!

11h00 – Coconut and Farming


Our coconut expert will perform to climb the coconut tree to get you a fresh coconut directly from the tree! Our guide will give you some more information about the use of the coconut and for the more adventurous, you’re welcome to try climbing the coconut tree!


We then take you to the paddy fields to enjoy your drink with some Balinese snacks, in this peaceful environment.

In there, you will met our farmer, happy to share with you his every day life. You can get in the mud with him to try by yourself plowing with the cows, as well as planting the rice, while learning about its importance in the social organisation in the Balinese countryside.

rice bali

11h30 – Culinary break


We join with the women in the traditional Balinese kitchen for a cooking lesson all together!

A good opportunity for your children to discover the exotic dishes of Bali. You will learn how to make local specialties that you will be able to repeat once back home to remember these fun memories! 

12h00 – Balinese Lunch


We invite you to relax and enjoy your lunch while discovering new dishes with our 3-course meal, 1 bottle of mineral water, and 1 cup of tea or coffee.


Our team will play along the traditional instruments. It’s time to enjoy the scenery in this quiet and beautiful place.



13h00 –You continue your Balinese adventure, back on the road!

Balinese dishes


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