Balinese Megibung : a unique traditional dining experience !

Offer the opportunity to your team to live a unique experience! In this privatize and exclusive place, discover the ritual of a royal lunch.
Enjoy a special Megibung procession for the lunch with traditional clothes and dishes, masking person dancing and Gamelan orchestra !

Your team is greeted with music and flowers! Flower necklaces around the neck and welcome drink, we then let them relax and discuss together.
The environment suits perfectly to chill and take time to get to know each others.

Spectacle musical Bali
Déjeuner Bali

We invite you to enjoy your lunch, served in a traditional way. The “Megibung” has its rules, it was an honor to be invited to a royal gathering, and a demonstration of the influence of the host. Enjoy the atmosphere while this colorful procession begins !
Once the dishes are served, the guests begin to eat together, and no one should leave the table until everyone has not finished eating!

The lunch ends with fun, with a traditional dance performance, as guests enjoy their tea or coffee! Megenjekan, also named Kecak, is a beautiful demonstration of teamwork!
Performing together the same choreography with a choral accompaniment, it’s a stunning way to tell the story of the Ramayana, one of the founding texts of Hinduism.

Balinese Megibung

Cockfights are very popular in Bali. It is common to see competitions around the island. Officially forbidden, this Balinese hobby is often tolerated and allow during religious ceremonies. These events bring together local people! We invite you to discover this traditional game and learn about the importance given to this animal while attending a short demonstration, whiteout killing of course!

We can also extend this discovery of the Balinese culture by offering a Karangasem dance performance, one of the most powerful during the era of kings and queens! This dance celebrates the warriors’ fights and may be compared to the famous dance “Capoeira”. This performance lasts for about 45 minutes.


TOUR CAPACITY: min 20 pax / max 200 pax
NOTE: This program can be organized in the evening as a Gala event
INCLUSIONS: Welcome with flowers necklace and drink, lunch with procession and bottle of mineral water, dance show, insurance


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