Bali Romance and rural life with this Eco-lodge package !

A short stay to discover the traditional Balinese life, right in the village of Sari Sukahet for a charming intimate break away !



(Your driver will drop your luggage at the Eco-Lodge, where you will arrive around mid-day)

Find out the ancestral know-how of Balinese women

Witness the technique and process of textile fabrics

Learn about this ancient art form

Understand the textile role in the expression and recognition of spiritual believes


We use the farmer path to admire the famous landscapes and paddy fields of Sidemen. Learn about the Subak system and plantations and see how the farmers work in the fields.

This walk is the opportunity to understand the countryside way of life and its social and environmental organization

We spot a Balinese compound and its particular architecture.

Note : We give to each participant a bamboo stick and traditional hat (to return at the end of the trek). We provide water during the walk.

We can easily adjust the length and difficulty according to our participants’ health conditions or wishes.


You join our farmer in the field to try by yourself what you may have already seen around in Bali, plowing with cows and sting the rice. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about rice cultivation.



We then enjoy a break and offer you a fresh healthy welcome drink and traditional local snacks. Perfect time to relax and enjoy the surrounding spectacular landscapes!

Cooking Class Sidemen
palm leaf decorations
Blacksmith Bali

We welcome you in the property of Bali Countryside, a meeting place for visitors and inhabitants of Sukahet Sari village. The opportunity to see, try, taste and get to know more the Balinese culture!

We invite you to take part in small workshops:


  Cooking lesson: learn how to prepare your own rice flour in a traditional way. Afterwards, you join the women in the Balinese kitchen to discover our short recipes, easy to reproduce once back home, to remember your holidays! You will learn how to prepare the sambal (a spicy sauce), the saté (chicken skewers) and lak-lak (a sweet local dessert)!


  We prepare then the daily offerings and ceremony cakes, while learning about their importance and meaning. You will also see how Balinese people are clever with their hands as doing palm-leaf decoration.


  We come closer to the still to learn about the Arak distillation, before tasting this local liquor. Many villagers produce their own Arak, an original souvenir to bring if you wish!


  We continue joining our blacksmith, using the coconut to run the traditional oven and sharpen his tools.


  Between two workshops, you will be surprised to watch our expert climbing the coconut tree, and for the more adventurous, you are free to do the same and enjoy the view while perched on your tree!

  • LUNCH & FREE TIME  13:00

We invite you for a Balinese lunch in our open-air restaurant, with a 3-course meal, 1 bottle of mineral water, and 1 cup of tea or coffee. Our team will play along the traditional instruments. It’s time to enjoy the scenery and relax in this quiet and beautiful place.

You can then have a walk on your own in the property, to discover our organic garden, or take some rest in your room! Give yourself some time to relax and share some time with the inhabitants !

Enjoy your delicious dinner outside, inspired by our freshly harvested garden products and relax in its greenery landscape lighten with candles for a sweet touch!


Sweet morning wake up call, breakfast and departure for your next adventure!


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