Go for a trekking in Sidemen valley and enjoy the authentic Balinese countryside !

bali countryside field view
Trekking Sidemen Bali

We meet in Sukahet Sari village to explore the Balinese countryside.


Far from crowded tourism places, get an authentic taste of Bali, as we go for a stunning walk for about 2h00 or more in Sidemen Valley.


Still ignored from tourists, the valley offer enchanting landscapes and the feeling of having it for your own. Along the path, you will meet the farmers working in the field and get to understand their every day life. It seems that nothing has changed here for ages as we discover the traditional daily activities in the countryside.

We discover the exotic plantations and their use in Balinese culture and food.

While exploring the valley, our guide will explain to you the Subak system. As a manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana philosophy, it brings together the realms of the spirit, the human world and nature. This cooperative social system controls the water and is part of the UNESCO list.


When the weather is clear, you have a stunning view over the Agung Volcano, sacred symbol and highest point of Bali. We will cross two rivers where you can refresh yourself swimming, or just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. (We have showers available in the property if you want to take a shower after then, soap and towels not included).


Note: At the beginning of the walk, we give a hat and a bamboo stick (to be returned at the end). We will give mineral water bottles on the way.

We can easily adjust the difficulty and length according to the guests.

We also offer to reverse the program and go for a walk at sunset, if you prefer to rest in the morning.

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