Bali Countryside Values

Bali Countryside is an eco-tourism property owned by a Balinese family, created more than 20 years ago, to offer you an alternative way to discover Bali, and get involved in the sustainable tourism development of the destination.

By promoting this place, we aimed at creating job opportunities for the inhabitants, to develop skills and to provide stable incomes, as the area is mainly relying on agricultural activities and is not enough to make a proper living.

We value the experience of interacting and sharing with the inhabitants.


People are the soul of our project and we committed ourselves to the community of Sukahet Sari village in Sidemen. They are at the core of our eco-tourism development to ensure its sustainability. Thus, we aim at empower them so they can welcome visitors and make a better living through income generation.
Within our organization, our multi-cultural involvement allows us to complement one another and provide suitable training to our local team. We build bridges and we walk over it, creating an exciting work environment. Our team is a family-style kind, where we care and support each others. We welcome you as part of this big family and we hope to share with you the beauty of learning from another culture.

Access to employment and training

  • We employ 14 people full time, who are villagers
  • Being employed full time allows them to have a fixed monthly income (wages are often uneven from one month to another for farmers)
  • We also employ other residents for specific projects (artists, village women …) or maintenance work
  • We train our employees to gain skills and extend their know-how (guide, waiter, housekeeper, cook, gardener, etc.) according to their wishes and abilities.
  • We are consistent in our training will, promoting bottom-up communication to make sure we are on the same page

Cultural Heritage

  • We focus on enhancing Balinese cultural heritage through the activities we offer (demonstration and explanations of local know-how from the inhabitants, highlighting their traditions and meaning)
  • We collaborate with the weaving cooperative of the village, to which we donate when we bring visitors
  • We support the traditional activities of the village, including allowing the inhabitants to sell their crafts in our property.

Well-being at work

  • We care about the well-being of our team at work, guarantee of this genuine atmosphere you will feel in Bali Countryside.
  • We are attentive and flexible with working days / hours of work according to the village life (religious events, family duties…) so that we preserve the local customs and traditions.


We care about environmental issues and strive to raise awareness about this matter through our activity. We adopt good practices to preserve our environment and educate visitors and inhabitants to care for the earth and natural ressources.
To do so, we try to reduce as much as we can our impact, opting for sustainable and recyclable materials anytime we can and training our team to be consistent and take the lead, so that the whole community would adhere to that good practices as well.

Landscape integration

  • To respect natural sites, our constructions integration is studied to adapt in the best possible manner to the landscape and avoid any visual pollution and have a minimum impact.
  • We keep a traditional Balinese architecture and renovate our infrastructure instead of building from scratch.
  • We opt for local resources for materials and know-how (bamboo, wood, stones, local artisans)
  • We favor open constructions to enjoy the landscapes and the natural light

Limited ecological impact

  • Our activities aim to have a limited impact on the environment: walk or bike ride in nature and in the village, participation in workshops based on natural materials (flowers, rice flour, natural ingredients, …)
  • We participate in the cleanliness and preservation of the environment, regularly cleaning and maintaining the paths used as well by the farmers.
  • We reduce our impact by limiting the use of plastic:
    • Bamboo or glass straws instead of plastic
    • Banana leaves for plate dressing and decoration
    • Water refill station to limit plastic bottle single use and selling of refill bottles on the spot at a very competitive price
    • Recycling of glass bottles
  • We grow our own vegetables and fruits used for our fresh juices or cooking
  • We favor seasonal fruits and vegetables following harvests in the area
  • Our food is not containing MSG.
  • We buy our products locally every time we can
  • We limit the use of imported products


Bali Countryside’s project emerged to create job opportunities and wealth in an area that was ignored from tourism booming. Tourism in Bali was mainly developed in the southern part of the island, creating an unbalanced dynamic in term of economic ressources and job accessibility. We observed a migration of populations towards these dense tourist centers, impacting negatively the community life, nevertheless very important in the Balinese culture.
Thus, by creating employment opportunity, our objective was to create enable residents to remain sedentary in their village, close to their family.
For our restaurant, we use local products and get our supplies in the surroundings markets.

Boost the local economy

  • Bali Countryside helps establishing a positive process of sustainable attractiveness of the territory
  • We value local resources and knowledge in terms of craftsmanship or agricultural production
  • We support the local economic and social network (we collaborate with the women association of the village, the schools, the community leaders…)
  • We support access to employment and training

Quality Approach

  • Our project development move toward qualitative improvements to avoid negative sides-effects of mass tourism and to guarantee a great experience for our visitors.
  • We pay attention to our booking volume
  • We welcome you warmly
  • We personalize our services every time it’s possible
  • We gladly take into consideration feedback from our visitors and partners


Bali Countryside,

Participate in sustainable tourism development

A social project

Highlightening a cultural heritage

Preserving our environment

Minimize our impact and raise awareness about our natural ressources

Boost the local economy

Economic growth through employment and educational opportunities
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